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MyLife My Credit Union

every step of the way.

Wherever you are in your life

we're with you

As a FinancialEdge Credit Union member, you can be sure that whatever stage of life you are in, we get it. We've been there too.

That's why we have developed an entire series of accounts that basically reward you for living your life.

We’ve made banking simple & full of the features that matter to you.

It's your life. Live it to the fullest. Leave the financial details to us.

MyLife Checking

Refunds on ATM fees

Often find yourself paying to use ATMs that aren't part of the no fee CO-OP network? This checking account is perfect for you!

(It's your money and we think you shouldn't have to pay for it.)


Get back those fees -

up to $10 / month 2

GET 1% Cash Back on Purchases

Are you the type that never carries cash and uses your debit card for everything? This checking account might just be your soulmate.

(Trust us, you two will be great together.)

Cash back on purchases -

up to $10 / month 3

Earn 2% Interest on Balances

Do you tend to keep a high $ amount in your checking account at all times? How about we pay you more for it? 


(Yeah, we thought you'd like that.)

Boost your interest -

on balances up to $10,000 4

Every Account Includes

•  FREE Debit or ATM card
•  FREE Online Banking + Bill Pay
•  24/7 access with Mobile Banking
•  FREE e-Statements
•  FREE Direct Deposit
•  FREE Money Desktop
•  Optional round-up to savings with MyLife Savings

Additional Rewards
Qualifying Criteria
To earn + maintain these benefits
  • Must have at least 20 debit card purchases post and settle each month.

  • Must be enrolled in e-statements

  • Must have at least (1) EFT withdrawal OR (1) Bill Pay withdrawal per month.

  • No 30-day loan or ODP delinquencies OR accounts with negative shares.

Round-up to savings

This special feature can be added to any of the MyLife Checking accounts. It allows you to round-up all purchases to the nearest

whole $ amount. The difference automatically gets deposited into your MyLife Savings account

for you to keep!​​ Plus, you earn 1% interest on balances up to $10,000.1

You'll be amazed at how fast
your Savings will grow!


MyLife Savings
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